The Return of the Drive-In Cinema

16 May 2020

A resurgence in the classic outdoor screening experience is due, as cinemas and theatres in the UK have closed their doors to discourage the spread of Covid-19

Going to the cinema has always been a popular activity for families, couples and friends.  Comfy armchairs, sweet treats, and in the case of Sneaky Experience, a tasty pizza and ice-cold beer.  However, this once taken-for-granted night out is not currently possible, due to Covid-19.

Never fear - there really is a solution on the horizon for cinema goers to experience the silver screen, whilst adhering to Governments social distancing guidelines.

Safely snuggled in your car, a drive-in cinema experience really is the safest way to watch your favourite movies, old school, with family and friends.  Plus, there’s the added bonus of no rustling of food packaging from other cinema goers, or mobile phones vibrating to distract you during that perfect moment in the movie.

And it’s simple to use. The drive-in movie has its own frequency which will be announced on the giant screen.  It’s a simple case of turning on your radio to listen to the sound.

Sandy & Danny, on a first date in Grease.  Picture courtesy of Paramount Pictures.

Around the rest of the world, business is booming for drive-ins, with more and more people jumping into their cars and making the trip to their nearest drive-in for a cinema experience with a difference.

Europe especially, has fully embraced the entertainment craze with drive-ins becoming the number one date spots for couples, and for family gatherings due to this epidemic. Going a step further, there’s now drive-in gigs, comedy nights, church services, all on offer – with flashing headlights and honking horns, there’s still the opportunity to create a great atmosphere.

But how safe is it really?

We recommend online ticket sales prior to arrival, meaning there really is minimal contact with other people.  Guests don’t even need to get out of their cars to pick up refreshments; instead they can order whatever they desire via SMS from the comfort of their cars and their food and drink can be delivered straight to their vehicle

Stewards wearing high visibility vests and face-masks will direct movie-goers to their pre-designated parking spot.  And as everyone will have a pre-arranged arrival time, depending on their parking spot, there will be no queueing to gain entry.

Providing half-capacity parking to achieve social distancing, movie-goers are encouraged to only leave their cars to go to the bathroom, and even then, individually, with restrooms being cleaned in-between each use.

Providing entertainment, drama and escapism, drive-in movies really do hold a romantic flame in our imaginations.  And right now, as it’s the safest and most comfortable way to see a movie or live show, we foresee the drive-in movie experience being sought after for many more months; lasting beyond the immediate crisis, as people continue to seek out socially distanced entertainment.

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