Thoughts on Entering the Next Phase of Events

23 July 2021

Gosh it feels good to be back, doesn't it!

There’s no better feeling than to be busy doing. However, whilst we’re feeling positive about this new phase, it’s apparent there are still feelings of nervousness given the rising rates of infections.

It's been an interesting few months working in the B2B and the B2C markets; here are some of observations from our director, Julia Benfield.

Consider New Ideas to Encourage Loyalty

As businesses adapt to the new normal we expect to see the landscape of towns and cities to change dramatically. More companies will choose to ditch their large premises in favour of hot-desks and remote working.

Now, more than ever, organisations have to consider how to communicate with their teams, maintain team morale and look after employee’s wellbeing.

The number of enquiries for team summer parties, outdoor cocktail receptions and weekend getaways is encouraging as companies are considering new ways to increase loyalty and encourage team bonding.

Hybrid Conferences are Here to Stay

It's difficult to ignore the financial benefits and the impact on the environment as well as time saved over the last 16 months.

With the continued restrictions on international travel, we fully expect virtual meetings and conferences to continue for a while yet. However, we can't ignore the benefits of networking opportunities at live events.

There is more interest and demand for hybrid events with the virtual offering complimenting live events.

Expect a Bumper Christmas Season

With increased confidence for safe celebrations at this time of year, we have seen enquiries for in-house events escalate, as well as more traditional party bookings.

Festive events are way overdue after last years lockdown and we are experiencing a higher demand for ‘something a little different’ as companies look for fresh ideas to retain staff.

Confidence is Returning

There is certainly the desire to return to events. Still, in light of the new wave of infections, people remain cautious.  However, we expect the latter part of this year to be a boom season as more people are vaccinated.

What are your thoughts and what are your plans for future events and conferences?

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Julia and Team Sneaky