CDUK Product Launch Case Study

3 April 2024

CDUK Vita Nova product launch at The Surface Design Show


Introducing our latest case study of CDUK's product launch 'Vita Nova' at the Surface Design Show.

CDUK Vita Nova Exhibition Stand at Surface Design Show London

CDUK Product Launch Objectives

  • To communicate CDUK’s evolution to a pioneer in sustainable surface technology

  • To positively disrupt the industry, putting the product directly into the hands of delegates in a fun and memorable way

CDUK wanted to further define its brand identity and reinforce its commitment to sustainability through the new product launch of ‘Vita Nova’, a revolutionary take-back and repurposing solution. The challenge was to effectively communicate CDUK's evolution from a surface provider to a pioneer in sustainable practices while capturing the attention of the attendees at the Surface Design Show 2024 in London.

CDUK wanted to be remembered! They wanted to stand out from 180 exhibitors as a business and as a passionate team about surface solutions and doing something different for the design community.

Leads Generated: 900+ vs 300 anticipated

'Have a Sneaky Peek'

CDUK's Background

CDUK wanted to put the product in the hands of customers such as architects, designers and interior designers; while emphasising their leadership in and commitment to sustainability.

CDUK Vita Nova Robot

The Solution

Exhibition stands right?

Sneaky wanted to change the usual exhibition stand ‘robotic interactions’ dynamic by, well, using a robot!

So, we designed and built the Vita Nova robot. From scratch. With sustainable materials.

The roles of CDUK Scientist and Vita Nova Robot ‘AI’ were played by trained actors, assisting delegates to return their used samples then processing them via conveyor belt through the robot.

Delegates were rewarded with ethically sourced Vita Nova merchandise after returning samples or signing a sustainability pledge to return samples once used or to return surface material installations at the end of life.

Sustainability sourced 'CDUK Vita Nova' branded merchandise

The Vita Nova Robot became the main attraction at the show, with Surface Design Show Managing Director Nicky West commenting:

"We've just closed the doors on an amazing exhibition and CDUK had one of the very best and busiest stands in the show. CDUK presented not only their products, but they used imagination, They engaged the audience at every level. It was absolutely fantastic! I'm not going to call it a stand. I'm going to call it an experience, it's a visitor experience. Sneaky Experience have absolutely smashed it!". I operate in the design and build field and I'm going to be recommending them to customers because they've really thought outside the box. And they've broken barriers, making sure that the stand offered a real sales space. offered the visitors an experience and really engaged with the show. Absolutely brilliant!

CDUK Vita Nova Robot at Surface Design Show at London's Business Design Centre

The Process

Sneaky worked with CDUK from ideation and project management, right through to delivery.

The Vita Nova Robot served as the focal point, drawing attention, entertaining and creating a buzz around conversations. To capture that buzz and build on it for CDUK, Sneaky also:

  • Designed a main stand for ‘real’ CDUK colleagues to talk to delegates

  • Developed an ethically sourced, non-landfill range of Vita Nova branded merchandise

  • Developed data capture and engagement mechanisms such as the CDUK Sustainability Pledge


CDUK Exhibition at the Surface Design Show at London's Business Design Centre

Vicki Richmond - Marketing Director from CDUK

"CDUK wanted to disrupt and create a memorable experience for visitors to the Surface Design Show. We've worked with Julia on smaller events and it made complete sense to talk to her about how we can bring this stand to life and engage with visitors in new and different ways. Julia worked her magic on our stand and our brand. She’s been fantastic to work with and I couldn't have hoped for a better result. We've been the busiest stand at the exhibition, we've created memories for people, we've had visitors taking video, we've had Instagram moments, and above all, we've generated leads. It has exceeded the expectations of the brief that we set for Sneaky Experience."

As the proud owner of Sneaky Experience Events, I can attest to the fact that corporate events don't have to be boring. Our team specialises in creating engaging experiences that are both playful and professional. We believe that it's possible to have fun without compromising your brand reputation. Let us help you take your next corporate event to the next level! Get in touch by contacting us